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As a highly specialized law firm, Lazcano Sámano has worked towards the consolidation of robust professional alliances, aimed to provide our Clients with the best available legal advice.


Since 2008 we serve in numerous conferences, editorials and committees of the International Masters of Gaming Law (IMGL), a non-profit association comprising hundreds of members globally –including Educators, Industry Professionals and Regulators– whom are recognized as the leading gaming experts in their jurisdictions.


In 2014 we were admitted as Associate Member and retained as legal advisors in Mexico for the Association of Gaming Manufacturers (AGEM), an international trade association representing all kinds of goods and services suppliers of the global Gaming Industry, which  work  together  through  political  action,  regulatory influence, educational alliances and good corporate citizenship. 

We hold professional relationships, conceived over a couple of decades ago, with two of the most prestigious and experienced law firms in Mexico, Santamarina y Steta and Guerra González Abogados, which expand our practice in certain legal areas of advisory, transactional and litigation specialization.

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